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Peter Pretty Photos

What can we say about Peter Pretty beyond the obvious. Yes, he’s one pretty boy who has shared his modeling talents with The Underwear Expert in four shoots by photographer Troy Wise. He gave us a cavity in “I Want Candy,” made us fall in love in “Venus As a Boy,” showed a softer side in “Possibly, Maybe,” and kept us “Waiting,” particularly for more shoots.

But, there is more behind those hazel eyes. In an exclusive interview with The Underwear Expert, everyone’s favorite Pretty boy opens up about body hair, being a gay Marine, Grindr, his favorite underwear, and more. Check out the interview below as well as a “pretty” awesome surprise after.

Peter Pretty Photos

Name: Peter Pretty

Born and Raised: Born in Seattle, Wa., Raised in San Antonio, Tx.

Current Location: San Antonio, Tx.

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Relationship Status: Single As Hell

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 165

Chest: 38″

Waist: 30″

Shoe Size: 10

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel (Changes between Hazel and Green)

The name Peter Pretty is…not my real name, unfortunately. It’s more of a stage name. For the first name, I wanted a Biblical name, and Peter stood out. For the second part, when people described me, pretty was the first word they would use. It wasn’t just about the looks. They would say my personality was pretty. It’s not as strong as beautiful, gorgeous, or magnificent. It’s very light.

My tattoo symbolizes…that I can hold on to my religion and sexual orientation and be proud of both.

The day after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed…my paperwork went into the Marine Corps. I didn’t know going into it, but I was actually the first openly gay infantry rifleman in the United States Marine Corps. My ex got discharged because he openly came out about it. I wanted to change all that. I told myself if I do any military branch, I would want to be open about it. There’s a lot of people scared about it that shouldn’t be. I’m in reserve status right now.

The Military is similar to modeling in that…you have to be disciplined in both. Exercise obviously. There’s going to be a lot of people that don’t like you. You take it with a grain of salt. You take whatever they say and kind of use it as constructive criticism.

Photographer Troy Wise…does amazing work. I knew I needed to shoot with him because of the way he photographs, the way he makes so much life come out of photos. I liked our “I Want Candy” shoot a lot. I was so happy and excited when I saw them.

Can you handle the Peter Pretty photos? We’ve compiled all four Peter Pretty and Troy Wise shoots into one gallery below. Check it out then read on to find out about how he got banned from Grindr. 

Nude Modeling…can be portrayed pretty, but sometimes it can take away from the shoot. Especially in males it can take away from the shoot because it turns it from a beautiful shoot to porn.

Body hair…on me, I hate it. On other people, it’s sexy.

I got banned from Grindr because…I made a profile of Regina George from Mean Girls. Some people thought it was funny and hilarious. There were people that didn’t get it and sent lewd pics anyway.

Lady Gaga’s Applause is…Exciting and funtabulous. I prefer the “The Fame” era. I prefer when she does the ballads, when she sang paparazzi on the piano. I prefer the slow Lady Gaga over the crazy Artpop, smeared makeup. The subtleties get me.

My drag name is…Peter Pretty. I tip toed in drag. I like it better in photos. Mostly because I can’t keep the heels on for more than five minutes. I look like I walk like a lumber jack.

Speaking of drag, my pal Phi Phi O’ Hara Is…amazing. She’s not a bitch, but she’s the bitch. In person she is the nicest person you will ever meet. She is also from San Antonio, and, before she was “Phi Phi O’Hara,” she was “Phoenix Mathews” which comes from Tersa Mathews, who is my great grandmother.

My favorite underwear are…Andrew Christian jock briefs. Those are so comfortable and just a provocative sexy little secret while you are wearing them.

In five years…I would like to have a Masters in marketing. I see myself in either LA, San Diego or New York. At either a marketing or advertising firm doing something with entertainment. I want to be in the industry.

Photo Credit: Troy Wise


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  1. DeeRock68 says:

    Interesting read about an interesting person. Just looking at the photo shoot tells me nothing about this lad’s true character. Thanks for facts, Peter Pretty, and thanks for being your true self … for yourself and our country.


    Splendid article. It’s made my day. There’s always that something about a soldier and that boy sure looks at home in a jockstrap. Of course, days were when they were all issued with them. Glad to see him keeping the standards up.

  3. pgpfineart says:

    sweet baby asian jesus hats off to this young man i admire and respect him and his underpants, handsome, courage, ambition keep being an inspiration for others buddy just hang in there with the eye brows though dont go too crazy i know i know its tempting to shape and pluck but you dont want to be a romulan trust me ive been there

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