Model Of The Week: Noah Wright


When Noah Wright was in High School, he would consider himself a somewhat underwear snob. Every Christimas, he’d ask his mom for underwear from one of his favorite designers, Andrew Christian. Today, Wright’s face can be seen on Andrew Christian’s Facebook page. He represents the company at events across the nation and has worked out in an Andrew Christian social video with RuPaul Drag Race‘s Shangela.

We had the opportunity of sitting down with Wright for an exclusive interview last week. From the conversation, we learned that behind his Andrew Christian Air Jock lies a model who loves his fans, holds his family close, and has overcome adversity amidst small town politics.

Check out our jam packed interview with Wright as well as galleries of his best photos by clicking on the following pages.


0 thoughts on “Model Of The Week: Noah Wright

  1. Tim Mason says:

    Noah is just a gorgeous man inside and out. He really does take an interest in us(his fans). You can tell by the way he interacts with you that he is genuinely listening to what you say. He is probably the sweetest, most down to earth person you will ever meet. His momma raised him right!

  2. LesAOwen says:

    i love NOAH he is great person and loves his family and fans, like how he interacts with us and keeps us up in what he is doing and what is going on in his world and gives us a chance to dream threw him

  3. Hairybro says:

    Noah is my fav AC model. He is great with his fans and interacts with us all the time. Liked hearing him talk about his mom, friends, fans, experiences etc…

  4. cyoung112 says:

    Noah is down right beautiful! The pictures were amazing but the best part of the interview was when he talked about coming out and being himself. That’s been a struggle for me and it’s good to know someone as respected as he is struggled too.

  5. Darryl McLain says:

    It’s a shame that I was working so much that I had no time to read through this interview until now. Noah’s interview is as impressive today as if he did it a few minutes ago. I am very drawn to people who are able to open up and speak of themselves uninhibitedly; Noah does just that. What impressed me more is that he is from the East Coast – where I’m from as well (Baltimore, MD, a ways up the road). I also love hearing that he is a “truck guy” ( way to go, Noah!). He’s an awesome dude – I have lots of respect and admiration for him. I so wish that I’d read this sooner.

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