Mimi Imfurst ‘Another Lie’ Video: Top 5 Underwear Moments

A couple of weeks ago, we counted down our five favorite drag queen music video moments. We couldn’t get enough of the 2(x)ist moments from DWV’s “Boy is a Bottom” or the ode to Andrew Christian underwear that was Pandora Boxx’s “I Wanna Have Some Fun.”

Last week, Pandora’s RuPaul’s All Star Drag Race partner, Mimi Imfurst, released the video for the single “Another Lie,” a song about being fed up with men that lie about being well-endowed. As we reported a few weeks ago, the video features underwear models in selections from Andrew Christian to Emporio Armani. Now that the video is out, we are not disappointed, as these models flood the video in underwear in multiple frames.

There were so many moments, we just had to sift through and share the five best. Check out the list below. Unlike the subject of the song, the models in these moments won’t leave you unimpressed.

5) #Splitsonbed

This moment literally lasted a second, but can ultimately be considered one of the hottest in the video. Black trunks look great. But, they look better in the split position.

4) Just a small joke.

This still captures the overall theme of the song. Poor Mimi Imfurst is getting lied to about how well endowed these men are. From behind, the pink briefs are adorable and give the tatted model a great shape. The front, however, seems to be a bit disappointing.

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3) Can I get a hot tub?

This is one party we are upset we didn’t RSVP to. When you get a group of guys in their undies, shenanigans are bound to take place.

2) A Bit Of Miley Cyrus…With Less Tongue.

What underwear video would be complete without a twerking, dubstep breakdown. Tongue and foam finger not included.

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1) Madame of the Haus

When making a music video, take this lesson from Mimi Imfurst. Hire a bunch of underwear models and lay in bed with them.

Bonus: Watch Mimi Imfurst’s “Another Lie” video below. What was your favorite underwear moment? Let us know in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo/Video Credit: Youtube


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