Les Insurges And The Evolution Of French Underwear

French Underwear

Over the past decade, French companies have come to dominate the underwear market with close attention to detail resulting in high quality products. Brands such as Les Insurges, HOM and Pull-In have redefined underwear cuts, colors, structure and durability. The French take pride in their appearance and clothing and want the same for their undergarments. Every piece is expertly designed and masterly crafted elevating the product into a new realm of sophistication.

Les Insurges is currently spearheading the French market, as well as the global one, with design options for every type of man. The brand has specifically themed collections including Mad MenPreppy, and Dandy Rock. “For few years, French guys begin to take care of their underwear as they do it for cosmetics. We can see a real evolution in the way people purchase underwear,” said Matthieu Pinon of Les Insurges. “Now they have a budget to buy underwear [that is] comfortable, trendy with a nice style.”

According to Pinon, French men prefer trunk cuts above all other styles as they, “represents 80% of the brands underwear sales.”  We believe this is due to the fit and functionality of trunks and there is more fabric to play with.

Pinon also shared with us how Les Insurges has grown into the influential brand it is today. “With my partner Mickaël, we thought that men need to have underwear as nice as their clothes. We want to shake up the conventions of men’s underwear and going against the grain, being your own man, living life the way you choose. Men can now watch their life style as aspirations. Each style has been carefully created with funky details and contrasts : a buckle, buttons, patches. While offering a new style of underwear, the products favor comfort, material and quality. The finishing touches have been designed with the utmost care to ensure a greater comfort,’ said Pinon.

The closes attentional to detail and well-tailored design are a major reason Les Insurges underwear is currently flying off the shelves. Tell us what your French underwear brand you’d say ‘Oui Oui’ to by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Justin Violini for Les Insurges

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