Keep Warm in Go Softwear Pop Colors Trunk

Go Softwear Pop Colors Trunk

Item Reviewed: Go Softwear Pop Colors Trunk in Blue

About The Product: Go Softwear’s Pop Colors Trunk in Blue is a comfort trunk perfected. The fabric is mostly comprised of polyester and is reminiscent of a thermal that you would wear under clothing during the winter. They feel like a pillow against the skin and retain warmth, making this a great pair of underwear for the winter months. The majority of the color in these Colors Trunks is located in the waistband, while the rest of the underwear is a royal blue with a yellow trim. It is all constructed with an inside stitch which lends itself to a much cleaner look.

What We like: The comfort level is hands down the best feature of these underwear. Besides that, they have a fun appearance without too much distraction. The waistband is a good place on these trunks to incorporate the color.

What We Didn’t Like: While the underwear itself is comfortable, the waistband lacks comparatively. It is noticeably rougher than the material used on the rest of the trunk.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: This underwear would be ideal for the active male living in a cold environment. A hockey player could appreciate these warm butt-shaping trunks.

When We’d Wear Them: We’d wear this pair of underwear as pajamas during the colder months for the right amount of warmth.

Describe These Underwear In Three Words: Warm, Casual, Relaxed


Style: Trunk
Pouch: Basic Small Pouch, with front fly
Rise: Normal
Coverage: Full
Fit: Relaxes
Waistband: Multi-colored signature elastic waistband 
Fabric: 60% polyester, 32% Rayon and 8% spandex
Retail: $23
Collection Colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, Green
Collection Tops: ‘Pop’ Mod V-Neck Tank Top, ‘Pop’ Mod Scoop Tank, ‘Pop’ Scoop Tank, ‘Pop’ Racer Back Tank, ‘Pop’ Nouveau Scoop Tank, ‘Pop’ Midnight Scoop Tank
Collection Bottoms: ‘Pop’ Mod backless Cut-Out Brief, Brief, Trunk, Athletic Brief and Jockstrap – ‘Pop’ Backless Trunk and Backless Brief – ‘Pop’ Boy Brief, Athletic Brief, Retro Short, Hi-Cut Brief and Jockstrap – ‘Pop’ Nouveau V-Front Boxer, Retro Square Cut, Brief, Athletic Brief, Backless Brief and Jockstrap – ‘Pop’ Midnight Backless Trunk, Backless Brief, Boy Brief, Retro Short and Athletic Brief
Collection Sizes: S-XL
Made In: United States of America

For more information on the brand: Go Softwear

Photo Credit: Go Softwear




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