Friday The 13th: 5 Terrifying Underwear Moments

It’s Friday the 13th, and, in honor of the unluckiest day of the year, we thought it’d be fun to unlock the vault of one of our favorite horror flicks: Friday the 13th. The franchise starring slasher Jason Voorhees has launched many movies, products, and a television series. It’s also given us its fair share of moments in underwear.

You know that when you see a man in this film strip down to nothing but his skivvies, according to horror movie cliches, they are about to meet the end of Jason’s machete. Hey, if you are going out in a slasher film, why not in a pair of your favorite underwear. The underwear in the films range from boxers to white briefs. Nothing worse like getting blood on your favorite pair of tighty whities.

Check out our gallery of 5 terrifying moments in underwear from the Friday the 13th franchise below. What’s your favorite underwear moment from the franchise? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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0 thoughts on “Friday The 13th: 5 Terrifying Underwear Moments

  1. GayCountryWes says:

    I personally thought the two best underwear scenes in horror movies was from Nightmare On Elm Street II when Mark Paton (Jesse) gets out of bed in his tighty-whities and in From Beyond when Ken Foree wore his red briefs.

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