Equmen Core Precision Line is a Sports Car for Your Body

Equmen Core Precision

Sports cars are engineered for agility, performance, comfort and aesthetic; Australian underwear company Equmen designs is products with the same mission in mind. Like a sports car, the Equmen Core Precision line is crafted with the same exact qualities so men know they are getting luxury and the highest of quality.

Just as sports cars hug corners, Core Precision is built to hug a man’s physic with the help of  using Helix-Mapping technology which seamlessly builds in physiotherapy that results in high performance compression, sturdy structure, support and energizing ergonomic function. The pieces of the collection act as a second skin bending and twisting with the body’s movements for ultimate comfort. When buying a sports car, men take their time to figure out which brand and product fits their lifestyle and needs and the same applies for the Equmen man, he is one who knows what he likes and that is why he is a loyal Equmen customer.

The Core Precision line has seven products, three tops, three bottoms and socks. Available in the tops are a tank top, crew neck t-shirt and a v-neck t-shirt that improve posture, reduce back pain, enhance circulation and control temperature. The three underwear options are briefs, trunks and long trunks that stabilize temperature and have a precision-fit pouch. The socks energize the legs, dissipate toxins, enhances circulation, has renowned arch support and controls temperature, moisture and odors.

If you appreciate a well crafted and engineered sports car there is no doubt you won’t love any item from the Equmen Core Precision line for its same characteristics. Equmen’s motto is “The science of looking sharp,” and you will look sleek and sexy as ever in any of their products. Let us know what you look for when purchasing a sports car or underwear in the comments below.

For more information on the brand: Equmen

Photo Credit: Equmen


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