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Bjorn Borg Comb Over

Item Reviewed: Björn Borg Comb Over

About the Product: The Björn Borg Comb Over is an extended boxer brief that has longer leg length. This fun print is made from a 88% polyamide and 12% elastane material that is completely breathable, durable and flexible. This boxer brief comes in two color palettes, a blue monochromatic color and a purple/white/orange/light blue color. The waistband is a wide 1.77 inches wide and promotes the brand name in a bolded and large font.

What We Like: The print is an eye catcher with its blueish hues and hair “comb over” print. We worn the version in blue and the day they were worn, we received two compliments, one from our roommate and the other from a friend who happened to catch a glimpse of the waistline and a teeny tiny bit of the fun print. Also the feel is luxurious with its satiny finish and it felt great against our skin all day long. We were very impressed with this pair’s climate control as it kept us warm when we needed them to and they gave a slight cool effect when things started to heat up down there. The waistband was remarkably comfortable, and we often forgot we were wearing them, until someone commented on them.

What We Didn’t Like: While they look and feel great and the waistband made us forget about them, there were certain things that reminded us they were there.  The Comb Over fit us in all the wrong places. The cut was too tight in some places while, too loose in others. The contoured pouch did its job, but a little too well. It was super tight and the seams on the side were almost restricting which made them uncomfortable when seated. It was those side seams on the crotch pouch that kept telling us they were there, every time we got up and down. Under the crotch and in the back on the buttocks, they were looser than we would have liked, but it wasn’t as annoying as the super tight side seams.

Who We’d Recommend Them To: Balding men, agoraphobics and people who enjoy bold and bright prints.

When We’d Wear Them: We’d recommend wearing these guys on a day when you know you’re going to be in and out of different climate zones. Fashion Week would be perfect because the Comb Over will keep you warm in the tents while cooling you off as you run between shows.

Describe These Underwear in Three Words: Bright, Busy, Hairy.


Style: Boxer Brief
Pouch: Contoured support with side seams
Rise: Regular
Coverage: Full with extended legs
Fit: Less than average
Waistband: Superior
Fabric: 88% polyamide and 12% elastane
Retail: $29.95
Collection Colors: Blue and Purple
Collection Tops: N/A
Collection Bottoms: N/A
Collection Sizes: S-L
Made In: Sweden

For more information on this brand: Björn Borg

Photo Credit:Björn Borg

Product provided by Björn Borg


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