Cocksox’s Mission to Give A ‘Hands On’ Shopping Experience


E-commerce websites have revolutionized the way we shop, as they cut out the hassle of busy stores, long lines and the many hours it takes to really dig through racks and boxes filled with items. Online shopping is convenient for the consumer, since leaving the house isn’t necessary. People simply visit the website and in a few clicks, they can make a purchase and have products arriving on their doorstep in only a few days.

With the push to online shopping, mainstream retailers who started selling product in stores are jumping on the interweb to make their goods available to people who can’t get to the store. Many new and small retailers likely start selling online since it is cost effective and people from all over the world have access to their products. While retailers are opening up e-commerce sites, one underwear company been setting their sights on selling more of their products in brick and mortar stores worldwide, as well as online.

Australian underwear and swimwear brand Cocksox first started selling it’s enhancing bottoms on eBay, until they built up some steam and created their very own e-commerce site. Over the past seven years they have been selling their items online with huge amounts of success, which they celebrated by releasing a “7 Deadly Sins,” campaign; for the past five years, the brand has been slowly woking their way into boutiques in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA. Cocksox wants to give their customers a “hands on” experience before they purchase any item. While online shopping has many benefits, one thing that always falls short is the touch and feel of the garment. Cocksox wants men to feel the fabric of the boxers, briefs, thongs and jockstraps, and to compare the vibrant colors to their skin tones.


“People often assume that Cocksox must only be in stores in major cities but often it’s the smaller towns that stock our products first, “ says Nadiah, Cocksox Creative Director. “Maybe it’s because they have less diversity on their shelves and when they see our products, they know they’re going to stand out!”

Predominately available on the West and East coasts in America, the products can also be found in retailers in the Midwest; some of the states you can find Cocksox include New York, California, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota and Nevada.

“Some of the stores are cowboy outfitters, some are regular menswear places and some of them are outrageous inner city boutiques,” laughs Hannah, Cocksox Sales Manager, “But what they all have in common is their respect for quality products and excellent service. We only deal with stores who value those things as highly as we do.”

So next time you plan on going shopping, why not actually step outside your house and head to a store, especially if that store stocks Cocksox– you won’t regret the experience! Tell us which way you prefer to shop by tweeting @underwearexpert.

For more information on the brand: Cocksock

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