Bryce Thompson Is Hulk & More Underwear Model Vids

Underwear models are just like you and me. They eat, laugh, participate in random shenanigans, and love to document all of those in 6/15 sec videos on Vine or Instagram. This week’s batch of Underwear Model Vine and Instagram Videos has us going hulk at a fashion shoot, getting festive with man’s best friend, and jiggling what our mama’s gave us.

Check out the Underwear Model Vine & Instagram videos below and let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert  if you are surprised by how much Steven Dehler can jiggle and shake.

Colby Melvin, Cory Lee, and Brandon Robert Brown stopped by to listen in on Lance Bass at a radio show.

Steven Dehler was so surprised a woman was surprised about how his butt jiggled…he posted about it.

Jeffrey Hawkins gets rather emotional when Rascal Flatts is on.

When Ben Jarvis jumps on a trampoline, it’s an artistic experience.

If Cory Lee won a moonman…

*Adorable Alert* Ben Godfre and his dog…Pumpkin…

According to Shangela, Peter Pretty is not welcome…

Bryce Thompson goes hulk.

Shirleen Mojica has captured her fair share of model moments. Here’s Murray Swanby at the beach.

Is Matt McCall Beyonce, Kelly, or Michelle?

Video Credit: Vine/Instagram


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