Blurred Lines Parodies: Top 5 Underwear Moments

When you write a song like “Blurred Lines,” you have to know there may be some backlash. Women across the nation were either really upset because it was degrading, or they wanted to flip the script and show everyone they weren’t afraid to be like the boys. Thus, the “Blurred Lines” parodies video was born.

Interestingly enough, though there have been some great Blurred Lines parodies, the parodies have, in a way, become satirical. They don’t further feminism as much as they make the song by Robin Thicke more popular.

VIDEO: Men in Undies Frolic in Blurred Lines Video Parody

It’s become such a cliche that even now our favorite “Boy Is A Bottom” singers, DWV, have gotten into the “Blurred Lines” parody trend.

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We here at The Underwear Expert have taken special interest in the “Blurred Lines” role reversal parodies for the simple fact that most of them feature men frolicing around in their undies.

The trend of the parody seems to be white or nude underwear, though one man wears a glimmering black thong in one of them. The cuts include thongs, trunks, jockstraps, and briefs. We’ve seen our fair share of underwear, and, though the parodies strive to mock the concept of the degradation of women,  we think the ladies took it easy on the guys with the underwear choices.

Check out our top five underwear moments from “Blurred Lines” parodies on the following page. 


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