Björn Borg Says DA! In Moscow Times


Today, Swedish brand Björn Borg will launch its new Russian online store by taking a stand on a human rights issue by placing a full page color ad in Russia’s largest English language daily, The Moscow Times.

The ad features six Björn Borg underwear piled on top of each other. The six colors of the underwear – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet – are representative of the colors of the gay flag.

[VIDEO] Russians in Underwear Take on LGBT Laws

“We are opening up for e-commerce on the Russian market. The opening advert is a way for us to reach Russian influencers,” Lina Söderqvist, marketing director for Björn Borg said. “Björn Borg as a brand has always advocated equality on all levels. It is a human right to love and to make love to who-ever you choose and we want to make a point of that through the advert in the Moscow Times today.”

You can view the ad below. What are your thought’s on Björn Borg’s ad? Sound off in the comments section or by tweeting @underwearexpert.


Photo Credit: via Björn Borg

For more information about this brand: Björn Borg


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  1. MammaMedia says:

    Wonderful! But what reactions have you got from Russia and the homophobians? Did the ad really get published? I hope the olympic games-troups would wear rainbow-colored dresses as well.

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