Andrew Christian: The Search for a Trophy Boy

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Andrew Christian Trophy Boy

Just when you thought bathroom mirrors were safe from spontaneous photo shoots, Andrew Christian has launched its 2013 Andrew Christian Model Search. The competition officially kicked off online Aug. 29 with multiple submissions from Andrew Christian fans vying for an elusive cash prize and the chance to be the next Andrew Christian model.

Right now, by visiting the Andrew Christian Trophy Boy Facebook page, you can catch a glimpse of the contenders. New amateur models are added everyday and will continue to be until the last submission is taken Sept. 22.

What do these submissions consist of? Well, if you know your Andrew Christian models, you know that to be a part of this group of men you have to “selfie” like the best of them. What makes the perfect selfie? According to the competition Facebook page, there are five rules to adhere to:

1) You must be looking at the camera.
2) You must be in focus.
3) You must hold up a sign with your name on it.
4) You must be wearing Andrew Christian underwear.
5) You must be Facebook friendly.

The fifth stipulation is kind of a doozy. Supposedly, Facebook friendly means you must crop above the bulge, show no head, wear dark underwear, and keep your pubes out of sight. Hmm. We wonder what current Andrew Christian models would think about those stipulations.

Since we are dealing with the future of underwear modeling, we thought we’d take a peek at some of the contenders. Some of them definitely deserve your likes on Facebook, while others…we’ll let the photos speak for themselves. We do have to say that we are thrilled to see many men posing with backwards signs, geeking out to Pokemon, having multiple shades of tan, and, our favorite, posing with a picture of themselves as their phone covers.

Check out the gallery below and make sure to head on over to Facebook to show some love to your favorite. Who do you think deserves the title? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

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  1. DaskDT says:

    From a market-able prospective #8 would be the best choice because he’d appeal to the broadest spectrum of people. He’d be a massive hit.

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