Alick Alexander Models Peter & Francisco Get Playful

Alick Alexander

Quadruple threat, actor, singer, dancer and model, Peter plays with some interesting props in his second photo shoot for Alick Alexander.

He apparently is not a boy, with that body and those boxing gloves, but he is not quite a man since he is rocking a pair of Mickey Mouse ears for this photo shoot. We’re not entirely too sure how old Peter is, but I think we can all agree that he definitely knows how to play up a fun and energetic photo shoot.

Despite the opposite age appropriate props, the guys over at Alick Alexander said they were very impressed by his playfulness and quirkiness and that he totally understood what image the brand is going for. Maybe the props did work in his favor, since his photos came out great, and the color story of the red gloves and the blue background totally match his Pro Trunks. How old do you think Peter is? How do you think he did in the photo shoot? Tell us your thoughts by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Check out the following page to learn a bit more about Peter’s friend Francisco.


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