50 Of The Hottest Todd Sanfield Collection Pics

When it comes to liking things on Facebook, The Underwear Expert tries to like the best in fashionable men’s underwear. When you like a lot of these brands, you start getting many photos of models in their underwear. It’s a given. Admittedly, some brands capture our attention more than others. One such brand is The Todd Sanfield Collection.

At the moment, everything in the Todd Sanfield Collection is half price in order to make room for its new range of underwear coming in the Fall. What sets The Todd Sanfield Collection apart from other brands? We’d say it has to do with the fit and sophistication. The scripted Todd Sanfield signature is chic and gives the underwear a royal look. The underwear are also very comfortable.

Besides the look of The Todd Sanfield Collection, the men chosen to model the look in various shoots are also top notch. The typical Todd Sanfield model is pretty beefy. Philip Fusco, Stuart Reardon, Bo Roberts, and even Todd Sanfield himself have flexed their muscles in briefs and boxer briefs from the collection.

Check out our gallery of 50 photos of models wearing Todd Sanfield on the following page.


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