30+ Guys In Borat Mankinis

It was the underwear moment seen around the world that most people hoped to unsee. When Sasha Baron Cohen showed up on screen in what is now the popular “Borat mankini” people were terrified, disgusted, and slightly aroused. Okay, maybe one of those statements is incorrect, but, none the less, the look was polarizing.

[Photos] Who wore it better? John Mayer or Borat

With that said, the “Borat mankini” opened the doors of discussion in the swimwear world about what weird brands could get away with. In recent collections, we’ve seen the mankini transformed and expanded. Joe Snyder has a line of Body thongs that, interestingly enough, are a bit skimpier than the “Borat mankini.” The Vizeau Voyager swimwear collection interested many of our readers with it’s out of the box designs.

[Photos] Vizeau Voyager Swimwear Collection Arrives

Catching hold of the wave of interesting, provocative, and just plain weird swimwear, we decided to take it back to the original “Borat mankini” and show you all how the average everyday person has incorporated the look into their weekly fashion.

Check out the NSFW gallery on the following page.


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