All New XTG Swim Updates Arrive

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Leave it to European favorite, XTG (Extreme Game) for creating swimwear that is vibrant and fun, just like every summer day should be.Their newest arrivals offer three styles including Time Print, Zing Striped and Malibu, all made out of 80% polyamide and 20% spandex.

The XTG Zing Striped (€55.20) features horizontal stripes with color combos including navy blue/red, navy blue/turquoise and navy blue/green. The rubber label is found in the front and back center of the briefs. The Time Print (€60) features the text “Time is on My XG Side” on the front and back of swimsuit. The striking graphic wrapped around this short trunk displays part of a time piece twisted with a cartoonish rose and leaves. For the XTG Malibu (€57.60) swimsuit, the mix of widths and colors are mesmerizing, while the bolded ’80s styled font reading the pair’s namesake, “Malibu.”

Every piece of the collection is available in sizes S-XL

For more information on this brand: XTG

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