Waxx Industries Boxer Brief Collection Appeals To Any Personality

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Waxx Industries New Arrivals

Designed and made in France, Waxx Industries truly creates underwear for any occasion. The brand revolves around lifestyles, holidays, destinations, themes and art, incorporating anything that can be printed on a boxer brief.

The company first began by creating garments for extreme sports and have transitioned themselves to be a lifestyle brand, however they have managed to engineer underwear for premium comfort and now with trendy designs that fit any flavor or personality. Every pair is made with a polyester/lycra blend of fabric that allows the underwear to breathe, dry quickly and stretch yet it is still form-fitting. The pieces are crafted with a double lined front cotton pouch to prevent irritation and have a secure wide waistband with the brands logo printed around it. Don’t worry about your favorite pair fading, for the pieces are printed on high quality, next generation no fade fabric that keeps them fresh after every wash.

For Waxx Industries’ newest arrivals, there are 20 looks all priced at $34.95. Items in the Waxx Industries boxer brief collection include the Comfort boxer brief with a side of silliness can be found in the Waxx Monster boxer brief where a slew of colorful and different (lovable) monsters are printed randomly all over the brief. Also, for the art lover in all of us, the Waxx Tippin boxer brief is a fantastic multi-colored geometric design. Even more psychedelic than Trippin is Waxx Alchemy boxer brief which has liquid swirled look to it, that blends colors and shapes together.

The most badass of them all is the Waxx Sheriff boxer brief which has crossing guns printed across the front and a sheriff’s badge smack dab in the center of the crotch. These are very authoritative but also fun and can be playful, whenever you want to show what heat you’re packing. If busy prints are not your thing, Waxx also offers boxer briefs in solid colors which can be found in the Seamless line. In fluro yellow, white, black, fluro coral and fluro blue, these are great if you are seeking comfort without the attention. 

Waxx Industries boxer briefs are available in sizes XS-XL, except for the Seamless line which is one M-L size.


Photo Credit: Waxx Industries


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