[VIDEO] BTS with Felipe Jimenez and Joe Snyder

Couldn’t get enough of Felipe Jimenez? Neither could we, and thanks to our good friends over at Joe Snyder we have an exclusive behind the scenes video of Felipe prepping, posing, and showing off that gorgeous smile of his.

Mexican underwear brand, Joe Snyder really knows how to use its countries resources by choosing Felipe to model their glamorous and flattering boxer briefs, briefs, bikinis and thongs. Joe Snyder is known for their use of upscale fabrics and mixing materials including shiny silks, metallics and super soft cottons. To play along with their ultra-lux underwear and Felipe’s gorgeous body, the brand used a fabulous mansion as the backdrop for the photo shoot. Watch the exclusive video below to see Felipe sprawled out on a velvet chaise, fix himself in front of a glorious fireplace and get a double take as he makes sure he still looks pristine in a floor to ceiling mirror.

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Photo Credit: Walter A.S. for Joe Snyder


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