[VIDEO] Beachy And Fun Tribe Summer 2013 Collection

Tribe Summer 2013

It’s been said that it takes a tribe to raise a child, but for Australian swimwear and underwear brand, Tribe, it takes all of Australia to create some of the nation’s greatest undergarments. The Tribe Summer 2013 collection has innovative trunks and brief styles of swimwear that are chic and will look great on any beach, even if it is not in Australia.

This collection features simple yet bold colored swimwear, and what makes them really unique is the drawstring placement. We enjoy seeing Tribe going against the norm by putting the drawstring off to the side, instead of the normal centered drawstring to give the collection an updated look. By merely placing it in an unexpected place, makes this collection super flirty and playful while they invoke the Aussie lifestyle.

Keep your eyes open for the Tribe Summer 2013 collection because you’ll want to upgrade your swimwear choice for next season.

For more information on the brand: Tribe

Photo Credit: Tribe


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