Underwear Shopping for Men: 9 Tips


There comes a point in every relationship where you either have to or want to start shopping for your significant other. While this is usually not problematic, sometimes we have a more fashionable eye than our better halves, and we’re left to spice up all aspects of their wardrobe. However, nothing is more difficult than shopping for undergarments for your guy, especially if they’re pretty laid-back about what they wear. So, to avoid fights, misunderstandings, and long return lines, here is a list of nine must follow tips for going underwear shopping for men!

1. Start Off Slow: If your partner doesn’t care that much about fashion and is open to the style of underwear, you can offer to pick him up a pair or two of boxers, briefs, etc. when you go out shopping for your own undergarments, and see which he likes best.

2. Discounts Are Your Friend: If he’s worried about spending too much money on a pair or two of underwear, pick a store or online retailer where you know you can get great discounts.

3. Add A Bit of Fun to Your Shopping Trip: Try to add a sense of fun to your underwear shopping trip, especially if you and your man are shopping together for the first time. For example, to help ease any awkwardness, you can make a deal where you pick out a pair of underwear that you’d like to see them where, and then have him do the same for you.

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4. Don’t Be Pushy: While you may be exasperated at your partner’s lack of variety in the underwear drawer, don’t be pushy or nag. Build up to going underwear shopping for your man: make gentle suggestions or reminders or casually offer to go pick up a pair for them when you’re out running errands.

5. Compromise Is Key: If your partner has some qualms in the beginning about your purchasing underwear, always be ready to compromise and whatever you do, don’t pick a fight!

6. Keep His Personal Preferences in Mind: No matter how badly you want your man to start wearing briefs, if his personal preference is boxers, then you absolutely must keep that in mind when underwear shopping for men and be respectful of his taste in undergarments.

7. Double Check With Your Partner Before You Buy: If you’re underwear shopping for your man by yourself and you’re not sure if they’ll like what you’re considering, call or text them to ask! After all, better safe than sorry.

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8. Don’t Make It All About the Underwear: Underwear shopping for men, especially if this is a new step in your relationship, can be awkward. So, the first few times that you both go shopping for underwear, make sure that’s not the only thing you buy—pick up a new shirt, new accessories, or a nice pair of pants.

9. Vary Your Purchases, Keep it Exciting: When you’re out underwear shopping, try to spice up what you buy. You don’t always have to stick to basic colors—if your partner agrees, purchase items in brighter colors or that have a bold print to them. But above all, remember this: never force your significant other to buy an item that they don’t really want.

If you follow these nine easy tips, underwear shopping for men will be a breeze. Happy shopping!

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