Tyler Posey on The Exes And More TV Star Underwear Sightings

It was a quiet week this week in TV Star Underwear Sightings. Our favorite stars decided to wear underwear under their clothing, didn’t head out to the beach, opted to wear belts, and, matter of factly, keep their clothes on. WTF. Yet, what could we possibly expect from a week after Teen Wolf and True Blood went off the air until next season? Also, it’s possible everyone decided they better keep their undies on after Miley Cyrus’s twerktastic VMA performance.

That said, we did manage to catch some underwear sightings worth noting. Over on TV Land, Tyler Posey stopped by The Exes to show off his shirtless physique. When you’re an actor and your show goes on hiatus until January, we’re guessing a cameo on TV Land keeps food on the table.

A sighting you may have missed unless you live in Australia is that of Big Brother house guest Anthony Drew. He showed off his black boxer briefs with contrasting red. I hope everyone in that photo knows they are on camera in the communal bathroom/shower. Fantasy for some, uncomfortable nightmare for others.

Check out more TV Star Underwear Sightings in the gallery below. Are you going through Teen Wolf withdrawals? Tell us in the comments below or tweet @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Boxers-or-Briefs, Male Celeb News, Just Jared


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