These Models Live For Lady Gaga’s Applause

Last week, Lady Gaga sent out a Little Monster emergency on twitter. Amidst apparent leaks of her new single, she released “Applause” before its original release date of Aug.19. On Good Morning America, where she debuted the video, she voiced her disapproval with the leak as well as saying that her music is as much of a visual experience as it is aural.

But, her fans didn’t seem to mind, especially her fans in the male underwear world. Lady Gaga’s Applause is a song about living off the praise of an audience. Who connects with that more than male underwear models? For example, Colby Melvin receives fan art that he can’t help posting on his Facebook. It’s apparent, these models love their fans.

Check out our gallery below of our favorite male models living for Lady Gaga’s Applause. Are you living for the applause? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Troy Wise, Michael Willian, Blake Martin, Rick Day, Garcon Model


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