The Ultimate Guide To Andrew Christian Models, Part II

To be an Andrew Christian model, you have to possess a certain amount of character, uniqueness, nerve and talent. Wait, that’s what you need to be RuPaul’s next drag superstar. Well, it’s very similar. Not everyman or famous fan is chosen to rise up the ranks to go go with the best twerkers in town.

Last week, we studied ten Andrew Christian models, past and present, to better understand the kinds of people that are cut out for a pair of Andrew Christian Almost Naked undies. If you need a review, check out part I here. Last week, we learned that porn was a beginning for some of the models, Noah Wright has dreams of being a florist, and Samuel Garfield appeared on an episode of Glee.

There is more surprises to come, though, fear not. Check out ten more Andrew Christian models in the gallery below. Who’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian/Facebook


0 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Andrew Christian Models, Part II

  1. jack y says:

    Is Sean Paul Lockhartstill modeling for AC? He was extremely cute sexy before, but recently got way way hotter as hunky sexy. He looks so much more like an underwear model now, I wonder if he’ll model for more pictures with his current looks.

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