The Ultimate Guide to Andrew Christian Models, Part I

Andrew Christian Models

When it comes to modeling underwear, one of the best and most fun gigs to get must be working for Andrew Christian. Just think about it. Besides modeling some of the hottest cuts of underwear, you get to make appearances at some of the hottest clubs in the world and twerk in videos wearing next to nothing.

Being an Andrew Christian model puts you in the public eye. You build a huge fan base that, hopefully, will follow you after your work with the brand, and you have access to some of the best photographers in the business.

Needless to say, it’s a dream job. It takes a certain man willing to push boundaries, however, one who will pour water on himself, and stand with confidence in his Andrew Christian Air Jocks.

Check out Part I of our gallery of current and past underwear models that have what it takes/took to model for Andrew Christian. See your favorite? Sound off in our comments or by tweeting @underwearexpert with your picks, and we may just include them in our next gallery.

Photo Credit: Andrew Christian

For more information about this brand: Andrew Christian


0 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide to Andrew Christian Models, Part I

  1. Kestal Phillips says:

    Thanks for this gallery series, but why can’t all of the models be identified by name?  Everyone assumes they’re pseudonyms anyway.  When searching for more pics of  a favorite model, a first and last name immensely helpful.  AC’s website doesn’t post a gallery with names either.

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