The Thong: The Quintessential Tom Cruise Underwear

What’s the quintessential Tom Cruise underwear? This week, Tom Cruise came out of the “thong closet.” According to the Daily Star, the star of this summer’s action flick Oblivion doesn’t feel comfortable wearing any other kind of underwear when he performs action sequences. He believes that the thongs provide him with the best amount of support, comfort, and flexibility. According to the Daily Star, the actor requests about 50 pairs of thongs on set. Makes you look at the Mission Impossible series a whole lot differently now, doesn’t it?

At The Underwear Expert, we are not shy about our love for all underwear and have an appreciation for thongs. Check out our gallery of a few brands whose thongs we feel would be perfect for Mr. Cruise while he leaps from explosions, jumps from car to car, and everything else that comes with the territory of being an action star.

Photo Credit:, International Jock, N2N Bodywear, Gregg Homme, Body Aware, Male Power

For more information about these brands: Male Power, N2N, Gregg Homme, Body Aware, Joe Snyder


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