The Many Tighty Whiteys of Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston will be the first one to tell you that underwear is the common denominator between murderous-meth-making Walter White of Breaking bad  and Hal, the goofy dad from Malcolm in the Middle. In fact, in an interview with IFC he reveals, “The tighty whitey reigns supreme. It still lives on.”

When he approached Breaking Bad producer Vince Gilligan and brought up the fact that he had worn tightly whiteys for 7 years on Malcolm in the Middle, he was given the choice to opt out of wearing the undies that have now become synonymous with his name. Ultimately, he decided that wearing tighty whiteys would serve to show the characters stunted growth, “With Walt it’s an I-don’t-care-thing. An I’m-too-depressed-to-think-beyond-that-thing. He has given up.”

Here at The Underwear Expert we don’t agree that you have given up on your life if you choose to wear tighty whiteys, hell they can be just as hot as boxers, briefs, trunks, and jockstraps. What we do agree with is GQ’s recent assessment of Bryan Cranston’s career, noting “It is safe to say that no other great American actor has spent as much time appearing in his tighty whiteys.”

Now that the show is entering its final stretch we wonder if Bryan Cranston is going to hang up his tightey whitey’s for good. Just in case, we’ve put together a gallery of the many tighty whiteys of Bryan Cranston

Do you think tighty whiteys are hot or not? Tell us in the comments.



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0 thoughts on “The Many Tighty Whiteys of Bryan Cranston

  1. guest says:

    boxers are never hot.  my grandfather wore boxers.  the person in the boxers may be hot, but would look better in briefs, jockstrap, or anything but boxers…

  2. michael says:

    Tighty whities are all that I wear… I was afraid to wear, buy and even own them in high school, but now (at age 27) my top drawer’s full of them. I know they aren’t trendy, but they needn’t be frumpy either, even if they’re inexpensive white FTL or Hanes briefs. They’re super comfortable and I think they have a retro, but ultimately timeless, appeal. I also think they’re the sexiest thing a guy can wear, but I’ve got a big fetish for them, so maybe I’m biased, lol.

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