Teen Wolf Finale And More TV Star Underwear Sightings

This week in TV Star Underwear Sightings, we have to say goodbye to two shows that have brought us plenty of TV eye candy throughout the season: Teen Wolf and True Blood. Our favorite wolf twins, Max and Charlie Carver were a tour de force this week as well as shirtless. Joining them in the no short department were Joe Manganiello and Ryan Kwanten from True Blood. These guys have definitely been shirtless troopers throughout their seasons, not being afraid to show a bit of skin and a flash of waistband. They will be missed.

Speaking of flashing waistband, the people behind Teen Wolf didn’t want to leave us empty handed. In a preview for the January season pick up, we see Isaac, played by Daniel Sherman, knocking boots with Allison, played by Crystal Reed. In the clip, Isaac shows us that he is a black underwear kind of guy. We don’t get too much news about what will happen next season, but we sure know there will be more underwear.

Besides these two, there were plenty more TV star underwear sightings. From Mario Lopez to Big Brother Australia, check them out in the gallery below. Which show will you miss the most: Teen Wolf or True Blood? Leave us a comment below or tweet @underwearexpert to let us know.

Photo Credit: Instagram, MTV, Male Celeb News, Boxers-or-Briefs


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