#Stud: Brandon Brown’s Rock Lobster & More Underwear Model Vine and Instagram Vids

Underwear models are just like you and me. They eat, laugh, participate in random shenanigans, and love to document all of those in 6/15 sec videos on Vine or Instagram. This week’s batch of Underwear Model Vine and Instagram Videos has us rocking like a lobster, feeling a bot afraid of heights, and craving lucky charms.

Check out the Underwear Model Vine & Instagram videos below and let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert if you enjoy rocking out to classics.

Brandon Brown enjoys riding with the top down. What makes it better is riding down the street, singing along to The B-52s.

Benjamin Godfre is serious about reading your youtube comments. Don’t try to make him feel guilty for modeling naked though. He likes it.

When Jake Hold drums, he does it in a pink wig. Doesn’t everyone?

Cary Farrow IV‘s favorite movie snack are Red Vines. He didn’t quite expect what was waiting for him at the end of this one.

Johnathan Myers has love/hate relationship with his Lucky Charms.

This is what it looks like when Oliver Cheshire throws a barbecue.

Aaron Frew seems to be having a blast at the amusement park…

…can’t say the same for Bo Roberts.

Matt Cook Jr. shows us what the life of a working model is all about. Private Jets.

Video Credit: Vine/Instagram


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