Shirtless Ryan Gosling Underwear Sighting Photos + Video

Once in a while, the universe bestows a gift almost too overwhelming to process—a shirtless Ryan Gosling underwear sighting like this is definitely one of them. Just when we’d gotten over the lack of choice Gosling underwear sightings in his recent film The Place Beyond the Pines, a scrap from the cutting room floor swoops in to fill the void.

We knew something was missing from the gritty crime film, which also stars Bradley Cooper and Eva Mendes. Where there’s an arrest, there’s a strip search. Or at the very least a change from street clothes into a starched prison uniform. Plus, you can tell a lot about a character from his underwear—another reason we’re always on the look out for our favorite garment in movies and TV.

Gosling’s character is a motorcycle stuntman turned bank robber with a taste for danger and a tender heart underneath it all. We think his blue briefs with subtle detail across the grey waistband are perfectly suited to his character. Plus, they’ll match with a whole variety of colors, including prison orange. It is the new black, after all.

Check out photos from this shirtless Ryan Golsing sighting as well as the full video below, and let us know if you think they should’ve kept it in the movie!

Photo Credits: Towleroad, Dlisted.


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