#Selfie: Midnight Cowboys and More Andrew Christian Tumblr Photos

Another week has passed and once again Andrew Christian fans from across the globe were daring enough to share pics of themselves for a shot at becoming an “Andrew Christian Famous Fan” on the Andrew Christian Tumblr.

This week, we were treated to some awesome accessorizing and by accessorizing we are not talking about the token Andrew Christian Trophy Boy hat. We are highlighting two guys that went above and beyond the call of duty to impress us with their costumed looks. The first one comes from famous fan Rob who wanted to show us that American football and Andrew Christian underwear go hand in hand. Granted, I’m sure we wouldn’t find any of his poses at a game. But, we like the approach. Maybe Andrew Christian jockstraps should be the official jockstraps of the NFL? Another costumed all-star is an anonymous famous fan who we’ll just refer to as midnight cowboy. He’s giving us Marlboro man realness, and we can’t help but think of Big and Rich’s hit Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy).

We also wanted to shine some light this week on our favorite headless horsemen. Famous Fan Mattie B from New Brunswick, Canada decided that headless is the way to go when snapping a pick of a purple Andrew Christian jock brief. He gets bonus points for using the camera flash for more discretion. Unlike famous fan Alex, who gives us a little facial hair.

Finally, though most of these posts are selfies, we like to acknowledge that a lot of Andrew Christian Tumblr photos are shot with two people. Photographer Joseph Smileuske shot Jack and Tim Lawlor in their Andrew Christian Underwear. As famous fan Cody ascended from his pool, it’s no doubt that he had a friend shoot him in his jock brief. Tumblr user frankthegayunicorn invited a friend over for a sleep over in his jock brief. The friends that jock brief together, stay together.

Check out more Andrew Christian Tumblr Photos below and let us know in the comments or by tweeting us @underwearexpert you’re favorite Andrew Christian Tumblr pic.

Photo Credit: Tumblr


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