[Photos] Guys In Underwear Pose With French Fries

Since the dawning of tumblr, men have used their iPhones to shoot selfies in the mirrors of their bathrooms and gyms. While they do it, they think to themselves, “Wow! I look so good, the world needs to notice.” Some are warranted; some are not, and some are just plain obnoxious. The iPhone selfie has brought us many things like Geraldo Rivera, Anthony Weiner, GuyswithiPhones.com, and, of course, our male underwear model twitter roundup.

Now, we happyily introduce a new new fad that will probably be having you say “Supersize Me:” Guys With Fries. Yes ladies and gents, our beautiful friend Photoshop has done it again. By replacing iPhones with McDonald’s french fries, Guys With Fries has our mouths watering. Well, mostly because we’ve been on a low carb diet all summer, but we digress.

We’ve picked out our favorite underwear moments from Pauly D in Tommy Hilfiger to some boys in Papi. Do you find these pics hilarious or just outrageous? Let us know in the comments below or by by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photos: via Guys With Fries


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