Opening Colby Melvin’s Fan Mail

When you become a public figure, you begin to receive fan mail. What is in those packages can be anything from the bizarre to outright beautiful. One model that receives a lot of fan mail is Colby Melvin. The Underwear Expert has even done a few stories about how Melvin’s fans have created beautiful Colby Melvin Mermen and turned him into a superhero.

This made us wonder about what other kinds of fan mail/ fan art Melvin receives daily. Today we are digging into Colby Melvin’s fan mail, fan mail he was nice enough to share with us. As we sifted through the photos, collages, Colbra artwork, and poetry, we began to see how Melvin has made an impact with his activism and, of course, underwear. For fan Bruce L. Teel, Melvin is “more than an underwear boy/never basing his self worth on the physical/breaking standards/inspiring, inspirational.” For Kalmi Horvath, Melvin has helped with self acceptance. “You make me feel comfortable/you helped me accept/that terrible secret/that for so long I have kept,” Horvath wrote.

Check out the gallery below for more words and images inspired by Melvin. Are you Melvin’s number one fan? Tell us why in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Colby Melvin


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