MeUndies Crowdfunding To Reinvent Online Underwear Shopping

MeUndies Tepee

MeUndies Crowdfunding

Once you have been featured in the New York Times as a brand who has helped to revolutionize an entire industry, you’ve got to know you’re doing something right. Well, that wasn’t enough for American-based brand MeUndies, who’s next mind-blowing enterprise involves reinventing online customer service. But this time, MeUndies needs your help.

This hip and innovative brand wants to cut out the middle man by selling you undies online, without losing the one-on-one help that you would receive in a store. MeUndies hopes to make face-to-face customer service a reality online.

With a goal set at $30,000, MeUndies is engaging with another new and innovative online medium, crowdfunding, to reach it. The best part of this all is that MeUndies is actually rewarding you for helping them! The brand has set up a series of rewards for all donators. Five dollars gets you footies, stickers and a hand-written note, ten bucks gets you socks and for sixteen dollars, you’ll receive a pair of MeUndies underwear, which is the price of a pair regardless, so it seems a little silly not to participate!

The rewards continue to grow with the donation size. For $3,000, you’ll receive a VIP trip to L.A. to visit the MeUndies office and meet the super cool MeUndies staff. The highest donation tier, which is $5,000, will get you what every little boy dreams of: an underwear vending machine stocked with MeUndies apparel– Okay, so maybe not every little boy, but definitely everyone here in our office. You can see all of the MeUndies rewards in the photo gallery below.

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