Men Jiggle And Shake In Twerking Gifs

As long as there is music to step to, there will always be a dance craze. There was the Fox Trot then the Jive then the Waltz. Of recent memory, you probably cranked that soldja boy, pop-lock-and-dropped, and, for those of us of the two left feet persuasion, cha cha slid all through the night with a few breaks for the Macarena.

After looking at this list, maybe the people of the 20s and 50s had a one up on today’s youth when it comes to dance crazes. Honestly, a lot of the ones we just listed from the 2000s are pretty stupid. But, that’s all right, we have found a dance craze in 2013 that will redeem us from such dances crazes that told us to super soak that hoe. The dance craze we’re talking about is the “twerk.”

It’s no surprise that, now, as it has gained a huge notoriety, the twerk is being used to market men’s underwear. Specifically, Andrew Christian. So much so, it has become its signature. The Andrew Christian models twerk at press events, for promotional videos featuring drag queens, and probably in line at the grocery store.

With that said, the twerk has become so popular that the common layperson has begun to jiggle and shake their rumps at exceedingly high velocities. Our good friends over at Queerty collected some twerking gifs of these people breaking it down, of which we are forever grateful.

Check out the gallery below to see these people twerk. Do you twerk? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: via Queerty


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