‘Me In My Place Guys’ Shows Intimate Side Of Models

Home is where the heart is. It’s one of those cliche’s that holds true. Whether you’re most at home on the dance floor, with your friends, or stretching out in your bed in your underwear, it’s the place you feel most relaxed.

Three and a half years ago, photographer Michael Edwards took this concept and transformed it into Me In My Place. The website is comprised of photos of women getting undressed in their homes. Using that concept as a baseboard, photographer Ryan Pfluger has started shooting men for a brother site called Me In My Place Guys.

The photos are simple. They are portraits of men clothed, in their underwear, and undressed. The locations are simple as well, but it’s in the subtle differences of each location, of each house that reflect the personalities of the models. For instance, Kyle is adventurous. He lays on two blankets: one of the world and one with a skull and crossbones. He wears a nautical shirt and has one earring. Those are pretty much the items in the shot, but, since they are part of his home, the facade associated with models is wiped away. We get to see him, in his clothes, laying on his skull and crossbones blanket.

This level of intimacy is what attracted Pfluger to the project. “There is something very intimate and honest when it’s just a photographer and a subject in their own space,” Pfluger told Queerty in an interview. “The amount of images that permeate the internet, from selfies to porn stars and celebrities shirtless, is overwhelming and mostly appropriated from other sources.

“It’s nice to have a place to go see real guys in their own space, that completely original consistent content. It’s casual and just a little bit sensual at the same time.”

Check out Pfluger’s photos below and tell us if you like this approach or if you rather be staring at selfies all day by commenting below or tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Ryan Pfluger via meinmyplaceguys.com.


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