Jake Joseph Teams Up With 4th and 1 Camp To Better Students


Underwear brand Jake Joseph is teaming up with 4th and 1 Camp to help high school athletes from underrepresented groups.

The camp was founded by Cleveland Browns defensive coach, Daron Roberts. Roberts was brought up in an underserved community and attributes much of his success to mentors that guided him along the way. 4th and 1 Football Camp is a way for Roberts to mentor the next generation of kids growing up in similar communities, to help them believe in their dreams, and to help them embrace their futures.

When KD Brown, an alumnus from the camp, first found out he was accepted into Texas Southern University, he called his dad. For Brown, his father was the force pushing him past his own stubbornness to apply himself in high school with the goal of college afterward. When Brown looks back on that day, he remembers not only a sense of admiration from his family. “It was a proud day,” he said in an interview for 4th and 1 Football Camp, “I was proud of myself.”

Jake Joseph sponsors and participates in the camp. 4th and 1 Camp focuses on four aspects of its students: college skills, business skills, spirit, and creativity. Jake Joseph is a part of helping the students on their business skills by teaching classes on proper business grooming. In classes with the brand, the students learn how to dress to impress during interviews, proper shaving techniques, and how to tie a tie. Maybe there is a lesson on business underwear coming in the future?

For more information about 4th and 1 Camp check out the video below.

Video Credit: 4th and 1 Camp

Photo Credit: Jake Joseph/4th and 1 Camp

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