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Impetus is one of those classic underwear brands who deliver great products season after season. This time around, they have introduced another great line of underwear with the Impetus Timeless collection. This iconic collection comes with 16 looks that are split into seven styles which come in their own colors and designs. Keep reading for the breakdown, pair by pair.

Verita, (€12.53-€17.43) the more subtle of the group still packs tons of luxury and support with a 92% cotton, 2% polyester and 6% elastane material mix. Depending on how much skin you like to show, this series comes in three cuts, briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. The fabric is extended over the waistband to give an extra layer of softness. Verita is pinstriped and comes in very quiet colors such as violet, blue and navy blue.

Going for a louder look is Interact (€13.65-€16.73) the intrepid one in the collection. Available in briefs or boxer briefs this item has a broadened english styled bias-checkered print in a the collections signature colors, blue, violet and grey. The 93% cotton and 7% elastane blend of underwear has a stylish waistband gives the underwear a very relaxed feeling.

Being discreet as possible, Fluid (€13.21-€16.03)brief and boxer brief tries to go as unnoticed with being close-fitting and shaping to your body. The 90% Polyamide, 10% elastane material allows it to stretch in the right places while supporting the package you are trying to conceal. To go undercover, Fluid has four neutral color options, white, black, navy blue grey. The underwear is sewn in the same color stitching to help it go into incognito mode.

The softest of the group is Aerial (€11.83-€15.33) with its delicate transparent crotched knitwear made with 47% cotton, 47% modal and 6% elastane blend of fabrics. The briefs and boxers are have three colors to choose from, white, light blue and black and feature a black matted elastic waistband.

Iconic, (€12.53-€15.33) comes in three cuts, briefs, boxer briefs and trunks and offers three colors light blue, green and black. The mix of 7% cotton, 47% modal and 6% makes these super soft as well but with a more modern touch with contrasting lining and bolder colors. There is a Jacquard detail on the black waistband.

Dare to be impressed by the micro graphic designed Impressive (€12.33-€15.33) series. This brief and boxer brief is the loud even though the print is thousands of tiny blue splotches tossed together. It comes as shown and the 93% cotton and 7% elastane pairs of underwear feature a black matted waistband.

These styles of underwear  will keep reappearing on your body, because let’s face it, things that are timeless never fade. And with this collection, Impetus proves it is making a namesake for itself that will live on.

All styles in the collection are available in sizes S-XXL.

For more information on this brand: Impetus

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