#Hotties: Model Superheroes and More Underwear Model Instagram Photos

This week in Underwear Model Instagram Photos, we were treated to some superheroes and unexpected super smooches. A couple of weeks ago, we brought you a super photo of Colby Melvin jazzing up his club attire with a superhero face mask. We even pointed out that we wouldn’t be surprised that it would turn into a piece of fan art. Well, this past week, it most certainly did. But, the super heroics didn’t stop there for Colby Melvin and his amazing friends. The theme carried over into a super hero day at an amusement park, that brought us this adorable Instagram video.

Apparently, the super hero theme struck a cord with Johna Myers who also posted a few pics of him showing off his super fire powers and also one of him posing as The Dark Knight. Not to be outdone, former A-List New York star, Rodiney Santiago, posted a pic of himself serving up Twilight werewolf realness. Will we see him on the next episode of Teen Wolf? Fingers crossed.

From superheros to super couples, model Diogo de Castro Gomes celebrated a birthday this past week in New York. If that wasn’t a blast enough, he got to share it with his boyfriend and fellow model Saville Dorfman. They even shared a public kiss on Instagram. Though that is super cute, the kiss of the week has to go to Ricki Hall and Stephen James. Okay, so it may have been for an editorial for Blanc Magazine and, technically, it wasn’t a kiss. But, these two tatted models were definitely smoking hot together. Emphasis on the smoking.

Check out these pics as well as more from this week’s Underwear Model Instagram Photos. Who makes the better superhero: Colby Melvin or Johna Myer? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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