#Hotties: Model Mama’s Boys and More Underwear Model Instagram Photos

This week in Underwear Model Instagram Photos, it’s a family affair as our favorite male models took to Instagram to pay homage to the people they hold near and dear to their hearts, their parents. Aurelien Febvay snapped a shot with his dad during dinner, while Diogo de Castro Gomes actually put on a shirt before cuddling up to his old man. Though these guys were showing some papa pride, others proved that they were the quintessential mama’s boys. Fabrice Calmels shared an old school pic with his mom, and Aaron Frew tugged at his mom during a family day out.

Things also got very hairy this week on Instagram when Colby Melvin revealed a new look. We think he was going for gorilla chic. We wonder how Brandon Brown is taking the new transformation. Ricki Hall also shared a pic of his signature beard. It was going to be a candid pic of him with his cat, but unreliable sources have said that the beard got hungry and began to attack the cat.

Finally, we have to give a big shout out to Pablo Hernandez for sharing The Underwear Expert merman feature. He described it as the most “gaydiculous photo ever” and was totally living…under the sea for it. We’re so happy he liked it because we’re still rinsing out our speedos from the shoot. Photographing mermen is not an easy task. All and all, his photo was a great way to end Shark Week, indeed.

Check out more Underwear Model Instagram Photos in the gallery below and let us know by tweeting @underwearexpert if these model mama’s boys are the cutest or need to cut the cord.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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