#Hotties: Colby Melvin’s A Superhero And More Underwear Model Instagram

This week in Underwear Model Instagram photos, we are “officially” treated to a very special guest appearance by RuPaul Drag Racer Detox hanging out with Steven Dehler. This isn’t the first time a Drag Race contestant has popped up on this wrap up. Just last week, Andrew Christian model Noah Wright worked out and “werked” it out with Shangela. This just goes to show that Underwear Models and Drag Queens go together like two peas in a pod.

In unrelated news, we saw two models showcasing fatherhood at its best this week. The weather has been perfect in New York City and Nick Youngquest capitalized on the opportunity to take his kids out to Washington Square Park. In another part of the world, Francisco Lachowski was cozying up on the beach with his new baby. O, the joys of fatherhood. Can’t wait for the pics after the first angst ridden argument.

Ricki Hall was seen on Instagram getting attacked by a giant ant. People are afraid of zombie apocalypses but, lets be honest, ants and roaches are going to do us in. Good thing we have superheroes like Colby Melvin to help us out. If you liked him as a Merman, which someone apparently did, then you’ll have a blast seeing him as a masked crusader.

Check out the gallery below for Underwear Model Instagram pics of these guys and more and let us know in our comments or on twitter @underwearexpert if Melvin can pull off being a superhero or not.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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