#Hotties: Andrew Christian At Charlotte Pride and More Underwear Model Instagram Photos

This week in Underwear Model Instagram Photos, Andrew Christian models Jon Varak and Noah Wright continued to dabble in their public bromance as they took to the streets of Charlotte for Charlotte Pride. The duo wasn’t alone. Andrew Christian was also on deck to promote his sexy line to many possible famous fans. You’ll have to wait for this week’s Vine/Instagram video roundup to hear what song they were marching to. (Hint: It’s one of Britney’s)

In other news, it should come as no surprise that, after the news broke of Ben Affleck’s new role as Batman, the super hero model community took to social media to voice their frustrations. Last week, we showed you a pic of Jonathan Myers getting his Dark Knight on. This week, Brandon Robert Brown wants to be considered for the role.

Check out more Underwear Model Instagram Photos in the gallery below. Who makes a better Batman: Jonathan Myers or Brandon Robert Brown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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