Hottest Underwear Models Wiggin’ Out in Newspaper

So… Cher is back everybody – and she’s got wigs! In her new video “Woman’s World,” Cher rocks out so hard you wouldn’t even believe she’s 67 (That’s like, two and half Lady Gagas). Well, of all the hairstyles Cher appears in through out the video, and there are a lot of different hairstyles, her most interesting and most talked about was probably her newspaper wig. Now, we couldn’t spot the sunday comics anywhere, but it was still pretty fabulous.

In fact, the newspaper wig was so fabulous, we really wanted some of our most favorite underwear models to try it on… Let’s just say some models pull it off better than others! We found all the different kinds of newspaper wigs out there and tried them on some of your favorites: Parker Hurley, David Beckham, Colby Melvin and others. Trends are what you make of them, and dang it if you put an underwear model in a newspaper wig, it’s going to be a trend! Why? Because we said so!

The rest is up to you, are there any models you’d like to see rocking out like Cher in a newspaper wig? Will you be making your own wig out of the newspaper this morning? And most importantly, who wears it better…? These underwear models, or Cher?

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart, Mail Online, Trendhunter, David Beckham Bodywear for H&M, Daniel Sisniega by Andrew Christian, Mario Lopez by Rated M, Colby Melvin by Gabriel Gastelum, Parker Hurley by Gariel Gastelum



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