Highlight Your Great ‘Ass’ets in Papi Highlight Range

Papi Highlight Range

Many underwear brands produce products that reflect where the brand is located. Miami based brand Papi is most certainly one of those brands. Papi products encompass all aspects of the multicultural city that is Miami, showing off the city’s flair and sexuality. The brand’s latest release, the Papi Highlight range, exhibits this methodology perfectly.

The Papi Highlight range consists of six trunk options: three bright trunks with black trimming and waistband as well as three black trunks with colored trimming and waistband. The collection is available in three colors including green, turquoise and pink, which perfectly captures the highlighter shade, but rather than making text on a page stand out, these highlighter trunks make your lower body pop.

Made from a fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, the Papi Highlight range is incredibly soft and breathable, yet still retains a snug and sexy fit. Check out the product images below and let us know @underwearexpert which color you’d like to highlight your waist!

The Papi Highlight range is available in S-XL

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