Go Summer In Go Softwear Swimwear Range

Go Softwear Swimwear Range

Go Softwear Swimwear Range

It seems like once August hits, everyone gets into this it’s-almost-autumn-and-time-for-back-to-school mode, while summer becomes nothing more than some random date on a calendar that’s a year away. We here at The Underwear Expert believe you all should be enjoying every last second of summer, which is why the newest additions to the Go Softwear swimwear range could not have come at a better time!

The latest updates for to the Go Softwear Swimwear range include the Portofino bikini, Rexx trunk, Milos trunk and bikini, Leo bikini, Dekota trunk, Sunset swim short and Zuma trunk. The collection is available in pretty much every color under the sun to keep you looking your most colorful while basking in the sun for these last few summer weeks. Most of the bikinis and and trunks in the collection are made with a fabric breakdown of 80% nylon and 20%  lycra, while the swim short is 100% polyester. Check out the Go Softwear models sporting several of the new swim items and tweet @underwearexpert to let us know which one would be your perfect fit.

The Go Softwear swimwear range is available in S-XL

For more information about this brand: Go Softwear

Photo Credit: James Loy for Go Softwear

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