Get The Urban Look In Shan City Collection

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French-Canadian underwear and swimwear brand, SHAN works with more than 125 artists to bring the most luxurious and trendiest collections to their fans. The SHAN City collection breaks up the modern and sleek city life with its busy plaid patterned swimsuit. City is available in three lengths, 18.5 , 14.5 and  13 inches. These soft jersey shorts come in five color options, red, green, grey, navy and turquoise.

While summering in the city SHAN shorts are a great option, with bold and bright patterns they will draw attention your way, since you won’t blend in with all of the other city kids. Perfect for a lazy day at a rooftop pool or for relaxing in a park, if you’re stuck enjoying summer rays in an obnoxiously loud city, wearing these will help you imagine you are vacationing at a lake where the only sounds you hear are crickets. Let us know what you think about the SHAN City collection in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: SHAN


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