Get In The Trend With Impetus Trendy

Impetus Trendy

No matter what type of lifestyle you live, you can be the talk of your friends with the Impetus Trendy collection. A Portuguese based brand, Impetus esteems themselves as a fashionable undergarment brand who use the most innovative materials at the highest quality.

The “Trendy” line has boxers in five styles featuring an array of different color and pattern options; the five styles are Vivid and Lovers, Inart, Desirable and Linear, and which the last three come in two lengths. Vivid (€13.93) is for those who enjoy a colorful lifestyle, with five colors to choose from including yellow, orange, blue, black and white. Every pair has a gleaming silver waistband with the discreet Impetus logo in the center front. For those whose lifestyle involves more passion, the Lover (€20.23) pair is the choice for you with a black and red scattered heart graphic. To make these more special, they come in a cute love themed package.

Those with flair can wear Inart (€17.43-18.13) which is decked out in a super modern circular geographical pattern and has sleek waistband with the a barely noticeable logo. To match its modern print, the fit is also modern and stylish. For those who mean business, Desirable(€16.03) is boardroom approved with its vertical monochromatic stripes and polished waistband. On the other end of the spectrum, Linear (€15.75-17.43) has the same look as Desirable with a much more laid back feel to it from its relaxed fit to the buttoned opening. 

“Trendy” has something for everyone but no matter which groups you circle around in, just know that when the pants come off, you’ll still be the trendiest of them all.

Impetus Trendy is available in sizes S-L.

For more information on the brand: Impetus

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