Garrett Neff Covers DA Man

Nowadays, Garrett Neff is seen in more than his Calvin’s, but that doesn’t mean he never slips into a pair now and again. For the latest issue of DA Man, the former face of Calvin Klein Underwear was shot by photographer Mitchell Nguyen McCormack wearing suits from DSquared and tanks by AllSaints. The takeaway from us, of course, was seeing him back in underwear model action, wearing a pair of white Calvin Klein briefs and a black swim brief by Osklen.

The interview offered a few insights into his life’s philosophies, modeling, and photography. We picked out five key moments from the September Issue of DA Man:

1. Neff on the fashion industry: “It touches everybody in some way and affects peoples’ perception of each other. It will evolve and then return in some form to the way it was, over and over again. I can’t overstate it. Even when you think you’re not making a fashion decision, you are. And it is interconnected with everything.”

2. Neff on modeling: “Over time I slowly gravitated to modeling as a form of expression, because I was missing it throughout the middle part of my life. I think my life became a lot more balanced around the time I started modeling; it could have a lot to do with timing.”

3. Neff on beauty: “Personally, I think what I’m ‘attracted’ to (and this may be different from the definition of beauty, but I believe the two words are closely linked) is someone who is present, in an emotional sense, and is understanding of different cultures and beliefs, but who has all of the traditional physical features of beauty I listed before. I’m trying to be vague here because I don’t want to rule anyone out… I find beauty everywhere.”

4. Neff on photography: “In photography, the camera is a device which is limited to capturing what is really there, unlike, say, painting. I think what makes it even more amazing is that these photographers are able to leave a distinct mark on their work.”

5. Neff on happiness: “I think happiness is having full and fulfilling days, as often as necessary. Happiness is reaching goals and taking just enough time to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment before moving on to reach new goals. More importantly, it’s about helping others reach their goals as often as possible.”

Check out Neff in DA Man in the gallery below. Do you think of him as a supermodel? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Photo Credit: DA Man/Mitchell Nguyen McCormack




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