Find Yourself With Curbwear Identity Range

For those of you who feel lost, unsure how to fully identify yourself from the world around you– We have good news. The all new Curbwear Identity range might just be the first underwear to help you find out wh0 you truly are.

The Curbwear Identity range cleverly consists of three styles, Active, Versatile, and Bottom, which are all available as a brief. The Bottom style is also coincidentally offered as a jockstrap.

The collection’s three styles essentially have the same brief make-up: A fabric breakdown of 90% cotton and 10% elastane and a colorful waistband and stitching against a white fabric. The real difference comes from the waistband’s text which reads the collections style and the brand name.

You’ll never forget whether you’re active, versatile or bottom in the all new Curbwear Identity range. Check out the photos below and let us know @underwearexpert what your true identity is!

For more information on this brand: Curbwear


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