Drag Queen Music Videos: Top 5 Underwear Moments

If we’ve learned anything from our constant prying into the Instagrams of underwear models, it’s that they love their drag queens, whether Steven Dehler is hanging out with Detox or the boys of Andrew Christian are twerking with Shangela.

The feeling is also mutual. In the past couple of years, the Drag Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race have put out some music videos featuring a fair share of underwear models. Some of the music is better than others.. Well, let’s face it, the great talent department is rather slim pickings from these girls (shade). That said, these Drag Queens have always satisfied our need for eye candy.

Mimi Imfurst is the latest queen to invite a group of underwear models on the set of her single “Another Lie.” We can’t wait to see how these guys move to the track available on iTunes Sept 4. Until then, we have decided to take a look back at some of our favorite moments in underwear from the Drag Race Queens. Gentlemen, start your engines. And let the best undies, win.

5) Manila Luzon & Latrice Royale “The Chop”

We truly appreciate Manila Luzon’s music.It’s catchy, and she can hold a better tune than most of her counterparts. The inclusion of Latrice Royale  after they got “the chop” from Drag Race All Stars added an additional kick of personality. The cherry on the pie? That dancer in black trunks. Seriously, boy can move.

4) Sahara Davenport “Go Off”

Though the track is mediocre, the late Sahara Davenport was a revelation in white, fitting for a truly missed drag angel. So were her models. They looked great “going off” in white briefs.

3) Sharon Needles “This Club Is A Haunted House”

PG-13 is easily one of the better albums to be released by a Drag Race contestant. Sharon Needles is not the best singer, but the girl can make a pop record. There are small glimpses of underwear in the “This Club is a Haunted House” music video. That said, she earns points for the use of fetish wear dispersed throughout the video. Gregg Homme would be pleased.

2) Pandora Boxx “I Wanna Have Some Fun”

No T, no Shade. We can do without Pandora Boxx’s music career. We get it, you are more schtick than trying to be good. Still, we can only take it in small doses. With that said, her video for “I Wanna Have Some Fun” is arguably one of the best to feature underwear, specifically Andrew Christian, as it’s centerpiece. Who doesn’t want to have fun in Andrew Christians?

1) DWV “Boy Is A Bottom”

Was there any competition here? This song was practically taylor made for underwear moments, especially undies that can show off a bum. The underwear star seems to be 2(x)ist.

Did your favorite make the list? Let us know what your favorite underwear moments from a Drag Racer in the comments below or by tweeting @underwearexpert.

Bonus Video: Go behind the scenes of Mimi Imfurst’s music video in this clip from the folks over at NewNowNext. We have a feeling that this video will be on our next list.

Video Credit: Youtube/NewNowNext

Photo Credit: NewNowNext


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